Kathy Sámano of Lockport and her young son, Alejandro, participated in Trinity Services’ Inaugural 5K Run/Walk in 2010. Read this mother’s heart-warming story as she shares the reason they walked.

 Why I Walk

I am the married mother of now 12 year old triplets and a 19 year old son. Back in 2009 I heard the worst news a parent could hear, “Your child has cancer.”  In May of 2009 we learned that one of the triplets, Alejandro, who was the “baby” of the trio, had Hodgkin’s disease, which is cancer of the lymph nodes. By the time Alejandro showed us the very tiny lump on his neck which we thought was a mosquito bite, the cancer was already in the final stage. It had already infiltrated his chest, neck and lungs. Once the cancer tumors were gone from the lymph nodes, we learned several cancer tumors were wrapped around his heart.

It was hard for me to believe that this vibrant, busy young man had cancer. In truth, the reality did not set in until his hair started falling out from chemo.  I was not too sure what to do with this knowledge. I started getting involved with the American Cancer Society and did the Relay for Life.

Six months after treatment began, the cancer was gone. I decided to participate in other walks to celebrate the fact that God had taken Alejandro’s cancer away, and to rejoice that we still had our son with us.

Family members and friends slowly began “following” me in the walks, so I decided to make t-shirts for everyone, announcing to all that we were celebrating the fact that our son was a cancer survivor. As I participated in walk after walk, my son, and all of my children have been my inspiration to keep walking.

When I get tired I just think of how tired my son was during his treatment and the pain he endured. If he could do endure that, I could finish the walk I started.

I will continue to walk as long as God allows, celebrating the fragile lives we have, not taking for granted anymore one minute I have with my children. They are a gift from God, one that no one should take lightly because life is but a breath, and in an instant it is gone.

Kathy Sámano

And so, Trinity Triumph 5K is a race in which we celebrate not only the achievements of the people Trinity serves, but also those of our friends and families. Celebrate yours with us and be an inspiration to others.